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Hey is it just me or has n e 1 else noticed that vh1 has cut out a lot of scenes 4rm I Love Money?
There were a lot of scenes shown in the trailer that never made it 2 T.V. like these.... Brandi C. & Rodeo fight Megan & Destiney Arguing in the vault Mr. Boston in the pool wit Brandi Naked Entertainer making out wit Pumkin Hoopz and pumkin arguing wit the Entertainer (They wore the outfits they had on @ an elmination already thats how I know its cut out). Does n e one know if thier putting those clips into the never b4 seen footage on the clip show cuz they aint on the internet extras please let me know.
Does anyone have any nude or naked pictures of the rock of love/flavor of love girls?
can ppl just give me links or good suggestions. I would especially like pics or links for: Heather, Erin, Brandi C., Tiffany, New York, Serious, Bootz, Lieliene, Hoopz, Delicous, &Miss Latin.
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A question for men. Is it normal for a man to always want to look at naked pics of models?
My husband is obessed with the model Vida Guerra and Hoopz . He spends most of his time in the computer looking them up. He has over 100 pics of these models but its never enough for him. He saids I shouldnt let it bother me, that he's a man and their just models. But is it normal?
FLAVOR OF LOVE!! Who was your favorite from that show???
I used o like Hoopz, but I saw her naked on the internet, and she just seemed fake.. My favorite is GOLDIE!!, and New York, only because without her there would be no show... the girl named i love white boys is right.. who would fight over FLAV??? but, it was still entertaining!!

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