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Anyone else out there that can't wait till the next I LOVE MONEY ?
I am so excited! It's like the highlight of my week (okay, so my life is really boring right now). Here's a little sneak peek about the drama with Real, White Boy, and Hoopz! Hoopz is smart. She's gorgeous and smart and she's letting both of these guys fall in love with her so they won't boot her. She has a boyfriend! And I think he's better looking than the both of them. Real is ugly. White Boy is okay. I've had this bet with my boyfriend that I think that Hoopz is going to win! She's incredibly strong which I know doesn't really matter for a lot of the challenges but it helps. She's fairly likable. I mean, is there anyone that really HATES her? I don't think so. They may be jealous of her. Megan also has a good shot. Simply because she's a master of manipulation. She must have been one of those girls in high school that got everyone to do everything she said (girls and guys), lol! Did you see her smiling when Brandi C. quit? Some friend! Plus, I saw on a preview of the Charm School show that Brandi C. and Megan don't even look like they're talking. The one reason why I don't think Megan may not win is because she is on the charm school show and it wouldn't really be fair for her to be able to win money twice like that. My boyfriend says he didn't see Toastee on next week's (tomorrow) preview! I hate those previews that show you whose still there. Remember that Hoopz still has to get rid of someone! WHO DO YOU THINK WILL GO IN THE BOX AT THE BEGINNING OF THE NEXT SHOW? I'm clueless. This show is full of surprises. I'm just still laughing about how pussy whipped Real is, I mean that proposal was really funny. ANYONE ELSE HAVE ANY OPINONS LIKE WHO THEY LIKE AND DON'T LIKE? And don't forget that it's on around noon (depending on your time zone) SUNDAY MORNING before Sunday night if you can't wait like me!

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Hoopz Addresses The Sex Tape Leak.

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