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Nicole Hoopz Alexander hoopz of i love money and flavor of love is she gay?
???? lez bi,? she seem lyk da type a chik dat be gay??
Is this girl hot or not? I say she is but my best friend says she isnt
Nicole Alexander,Bipasha Basu,or Tiffany Pollard. Who's most beautiful? And who looks best with C. Ronaldo?
1. NA- a) b) 2. BB- a) b) 3. TP- a) b) Pics of CR- a) b)
Who Will You Be Rooting for on I Love Money(VH1)?
Assuming you'll watch it, if not there isn't much of a point to answering. Hoopz (Nicole Alexander)[2] Flavor of Love Pumkin (Brooke Thompson)[2] Flavor of Love Nibblz (Domenique Majors)[2] Flavor of Love 2 Toasteee (Jennifer Toof)[2] Flavor of Love 2 12 Pack (David Amerman)[3] I Love New York Chance (Kamal Givens)[4] I Love New York Heat (Jason Rosell)[3] I Love New York Mr. Boston (Lee Marks)[3] I Love New York Real (Ahmad Givens)[4] I Love New York Whiteboy (Joshua Gallander)[4] I Love New York The Entertainer (Frank Maresca)[3] I Love New York 2 Midget Mac (Torrey Samuels)[3] I Love New York 2 Heather Chadwell[5] Rock of Love Brandi Cunningham[5] Rock of Love Rodeo (Cindy Steedle)[5] Rock of Love Megan Hauserman Rock of Love 2 Destiney Moore Rock of Love 2 I will be rooting for Heather & Brandi C(she's funny) and Midget Mac & Mr. Boston.
Flavor of Love 3 finale?
Okay, F.O.L 3 is going to be the last FLAVOR OF LOVE. because flav is ready to get married I guess. but I KNOW that the relastionship WILL NOT LAST. And I think that he will make another FLAVOR OF LOVE 4. oh and there will be another show on VH1 called I like Money on July 13, 2008. the show will consist contestants from FLAVOR OF LOVE, I LOVE NEW YORK, and ROCK OF LOVE WITH BRET MICHAELS. Contestants are: Contestants Flavor of Love (Season One) Hoopz (Nicole Alexander) Pumkin (Brooke Thompson) Flavor of Love (Season 2) Nibblz (Bettie Brown) Toasteee (Jennifer Toof) I Love New York (Season 1) Chance (Kamal Givens) Real (Ahmad Givens) Whiteboy (Joshua Gallander) 12 Pack (David Amerman) Mr. Boston (Lee Marks) Heat (Jason Rosell) I Love New York 2 The Entertainer (Frank Maresca) Midget Mac (Torrey Samuels) Rock of Love with Bret Michaels (Season 1) Heather Chadwell Brandi Cunningham Rock of Love with Bret Michaels (Season 2) Destiney Moore Megan Hauserman
does Nicole Alexander aka Hoopz appear in any of the hip hop honeys videos?

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Summer a slam dunk for Hoops campers in Warren - Scarlet Scuttlebutt

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Nicole ' Hoopz ' Alexander Sex Tape Scandal: Pictures and More.
Nicole 'Nikki' Alexander aka Hoopz has been caught in a sex tape scandal. The VH1 reality TV show star, and winner of reality television show Flavor of Love.

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